CertAccord Enterprise 4.11 Provides Key User Requested Features

CertAccord Enterprise 4.11 release of certificate management software

CertAccord Enterprise 4.11 Adds Key User Requested Features

CertAccord Enterprise 4.11  has been released by Revocent and provides key new features requested by enterprise customers including native RPM and DEB packages for Linux, maintenance periods, and Agent CLI improvements.

Many customers have been requesting the CertAccord Enterprise Agent be install-able as a native Linux RPM and DEB package in addition to our standard run-able installer.  With this release customers can now choose to install the Agent using native Linux rpm and dpkg commands to more easily and seamlessly integration with their existing IT management systems.

Customers have been requesting that they be able to control when certain actions are performed by CertAccord in order to integrate and comply with their internal change control processes and allow them to be compliant with their Service Level Agreements (SLA).  This release allows customers to control when certificate actions are performed from the Settings page of the CertAccord Enterprise Management Console.

The Agent Command Line Interface (CLI) has been improved to allow customers to customize the certificate creation process.  The CLI now supports the ability to specify certificate alias for JKS and PKCS#12 file formats.  Support is also added for creation of result files to allow other applications to more easily automate certificate creation using CertAccord Enterprise.

CertAccord Enterprise allows Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, and Windows (including non-AD joined) systems to quickly and easily create and install digital certificates that are fully managed.  Integration with Active Directory is builtin into CertAccord and does not require changing authentication systems at the OS (Linux) level.  You can install CertAccord in hours, not months without major changes to your existing PKI or AD environments.

The enrollment and fully automatic renewal of certificates from Microsoft ADCS on platforms such as Linux and MacOS X  significantly reduces costs and reduces risk of service outages from manual certificate creation.  Even more so the automatic renewal of certificates significantly lowers cost and reduces the risk of service outages.

For more details on this release please refer to the CertAccord Enterprise Release Notes and the Administration Guide available for download from https://revocent.com/download

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