Revocent Customer Case Studies

Case Study Major European Bank

How DZ BANK Automated Linux Certificate Lifecycle Management with Microsoft PKI

DZ BANK AG is the head institute of one of the largest banks in Germany and they had a big problem. They needed to deploy and maintain X.509 certificates to thousands of Linux servers to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to improve security in an effective manner. They had an existing Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation of Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) which worked fine for Windows based systems, but lacked integration with other platforms like Linux. Revocent’s CertAccord Enterprise solution solved this problem resulting in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, improved security posture, lower costs, and freeing IT staff to invest in other value added services.

Bank sign on a modern glass building. 3D render illustration.

Case Study Major Power Utility

Major power utility automates PKI management with Revocent’s CertAccord Enterprise

Power utility companies have a critical need to protect just about everything in their entire infrastructure from cyberattacks. There’s no lack of rogue actors and nation states looking for ways into the US power grid whether for profit or to disrupt operations. Like many other companies and industries, utilities often base their core IT infrastructure on Microsoft Windows Server in conjunction with Unix and Linux based platforms. For a strong security posture, many utilities manage their own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) often based on Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) to support a broad range of security needs.

Electrical utility using certaccrd for digital certificate management