CertAccord Enterprise 4.12 Adds User Identity Certificate Support

CertAccord Enterprise 4.12 release of certificate management software

CertAccord Enterprise 4.12 Adds User Identity Certificate Support

CertAccord Enterprise 4.12 is now available from Revocent.  This release adds improved support for user identity X.509 digital certificates in addition to the machine (computer) identity support that has been supported since CertAccord was launched.  User identity certificates can be automatically provisioned and renewed from Microsoft ADCS or GlobalSign on end points running Linux, MacOSX, and even non-domain joined Windows devices.

User identity certificates identify a person rather than a computer and  are used by many applications such as authentication, document signing, and VPN access.

This release also adds support for the new AdminClient Command Line Interface (CLI).  The cmbadm command provides access to most administrative actions including viewing, modifying, and deleting settings and entities. Most of what the Management Console provides can be accomplished using cmbadm.

The CertAccord Agent now can apply specific file-system level access control permissions to certificate files.  Permissions can be assigned on a per certificate basis as well as a product level default available in the Management Console under Settings.

The Management Console now features improved handling of Contacts as well as improved data access functions.

More Information

For more details on this release please refer to the CertAccord Enterprise Release Notes and the Administration Guide.  This release is available for download by registered customers from https://revocent.com/download.

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About CertAccord Enterprise

CertAccord Enterprise allows Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, and Windows (including non-AD joined) systems to quickly and easily create and install digital certificates that are fully managed. Integration with Active Directory is builtin into CertAccord and does not require changing authentication systems at the OS (Linux) level. You can install CertAccord in hours, not months without major changes to your existing PKI or AD environments.

The enrollment and fully automatic renewal of certificates from Microsoft ADCS on platforms such as Linux and MacOS X significantly reduces costs and reduces risk of service outages from manual certificate creation. Even more so, the automatic renewal of certificates significantly lowers cost and significantly reduces the risk of service outages.