Revocent and Securely Partner To Deliver Complete Certificate Management Solution

Revocent, Inc. and Securely Ltd today announced their partnership to deliver a complete Digital Certificate Management solution for enterprise customers. Revocent’s CertAccord Enterprise product is an ideal solution for integrating Linux with Microsoft PKI environments. Securely’s C-View product is an extensive Certificate Management solution which provides monitoring, alerting, and reporting of Microsoft PKI environments. The new partnership will provide customers with a comprehensive solution to certificate management in Microsoft PKI environments.

The new partnership includes an integrated sales and support process which provides customers with a streamlined solution to solve their digital certificate management needs.

Securely’s C-View Certificate Lifecycle Management product provides:

  • Alerting mechanism for certificates expiration and PKI events.
  • Centralized platform for managing all certificates.
  • Friendly interface for  Issuing revoking and renewing certificates.
  • Monitoring  compliance with the organization cryptographic security policy.

Revocent’s CertAccord Enterprise solution provides:

  • Linux systems automated certificate creation
  • Automatic certificate renewals
  • Quick and easy installation with existing Microsoft PKI

More information on C-View is available on

More information on CertAccord Enterprise is available on