CertAccord Enterprise 3.0 Now Available

Revocent has just released version 3.0 of CertAccord Enterprise providing X.509 digital certificate creation and management on Linux from Microsoft ADCS and GlobalSign PKI services.  This major release provides improved integration with Active Directory (AD) including user authentication and user access control to enterprise digital certificates.

The CertAccord agent can be installed on Linux systems to allow users to create X.509 digital certificates from Microsoft ADCS and GlobalSign Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  When CertAccord is run by a user on Linux they can be prompted for their AD username and password which is authenticated securely with AD.  The Linux system does not need to be joined to the AD domain and does not require any other third-party AD integration solution.

CertAccord can be configured to automatically bind AD Groups to CertAccord Roles.  This allows CertAccord administrators to limit who can request certificates without having to manually issue and approve individual requests.  Administrators can configure all AD users to be able to create certificates or only users in specific AD Groups.

CertAccord already includes the automatic life-cycle management of certificates.  CertAccord will automatically renew certificates prior to expiration.  This provides Linux systems similar capabilities to Microsoft Windows “auto enrollment”.

Designed from the ground-up to be a quick and easy “bolt-on” installation, CertAccord can typically be installed in a customer’s environment in one to two days.  No major changes to a customer’s existing AD or PKI are required.