CertAccord Enterprise 5.0 Provides More Customer Requested Features

CertAccord Enterprise 5.0 release of pki certificate management software

CertAccord Enterprise 5.0 Provides More Customer Request Features

CertAccord Enterprise 5.0 is now available from Revocent.  This release delivers new customer requested features such as the ability to customize X.509 digital certificate subject and subject alternative names, custom Certificate Purposes, and many other improvements.

Customers have been asking for more control over how certificate subjects and subject alternative names (SANs) are constructed when using CertAccord Enterprise to automate the end-to-end life-cycle of computer and user certificates.  This release allows customers to construct subjects and SANs from a variety of trusted sources including Active Directory (AD) and Domain Name System (DNS).  This ability is available to not only Windows devices but also Linux and Mac devices as well.

This release also adds the ability for customers to create their own Certificate Purposes.  Certificate Purposes in CertAccord act as a tag to both simplify the certificate creation request and insures the PKI administrators have a controlled process for issuing the proper identity certificates.  In previous releases Certificate Purposes where limited to the purposes built into the product.  Now customers can create their own purposes for such things as creating certificates for VPN devices and users.

More Information

For more details on this release please refer to the CertAccord Enterprise Release Notes and the Administration Guide.  This release is available for download by registered customers from https://revocent.com/download.

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About CertAccord Enterprise

CertAccord Enterprise allows Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, and Windows (including non-AD joined) systems to quickly and easily create and install digital certificates that are fully managed. Integration with Active Directory is builtin into CertAccord and does not require changing authentication systems at the OS (Linux) level. You can install CertAccord in hours, not months without major changes to your existing PKI or AD environments.

The enrollment and fully automatic renewal of certificates from Microsoft ADCS on platforms such as Linux and MacOS X significantly reduces costs and reduces risk of service outages from manual certificate creation. Even more so, the automatic renewal of certificates significantly lowers cost and significantly reduces the risk of service outages.

About Revocent

Revocent, founded in 2015, delivers compelling software solutions that reduce the complexity and automate error-prone manual processes involved with many aspects of managing cybersecurity infrastructure for organizations around the world. It’s premier CertAccord Enterprise solution provides X.509 certificate automation and enable customers for the first time to quickly and easily extend their existing Microsoft ADCS or GlobalSign Certificate Authority (CA) to Linux, Mac, and UNIX platforms. Full life-cycle management of certificates allows customers to significantly reduce ongoing IT labor costs, improve security, and automatically renew certificates without manual intervention.

For more information, visit http://www.revocent.com or follow @revocent on Twitter.