Expand the reach of your Microsoft Windows PKI to Java Apps, Linux, Unix, and all Windows Systems

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Windows Certificate Authority

Issue X.509 digital certificates that renew automatically from your enterprise Microsoft Certificate Authority (via Active Directory Certificate Services) or GlobalSign.  Extend the reach of your Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) to the following end points:

Java Apps on Windows Systems
Java applications which provide a network service often need a digital certificate for secure access. That certificate must be placed in a Java Key Store (JKS) file. CertAccord automates the creation and renewal of certificates in the JKS (and other) format.

Linux Devices
Linux and Unix devices do not have a built-in way to request or use a certificate from a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) or GlobalSign CA. CertAccord allows a Linux device to automatically create and renew a certificate from a Microsoft CA or GlobalSign CA.

Windows Systems (including none “domain joined”)
If a Windows device is not joined to an Active Directory then certificates must be created and renewed manually. CertAccord automates the issuing and renewal of certificates on Windows devices regardless of whether they are AD domain joined or not.


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